Joseph Polizzotto, senior vice president, strategy & client services, and Danielle Noonan, associate vice president, legal solutions, with QuisLex, explore how developing deeper, more mature relationships with ALSPs allow in-house legal teams to build a “centralized hub of standard controls, processes and institutional knowledge that provide a beacon of consistency and stability over long periods of time and across all departments of an organization.” The crux of the QuisLex duo’s case is that many players in the e-discovery industry lean heavily on rental resources – cheaper, temporary reviewers, which means “lower-quality, less accountable” work. This approach may boost the bottom line, but it’s a quick and illusory fix. “Relying on an ALSP with permanent resources as a centralized hub creates the stability that is so needed in an industry that is ever-changing, with the varying array of constituents bound to be found within and across large, global organizations with dozens (or even hundreds) of matters,” they conclude. “In this sea of constant change, a centralized ALSP can be the lighthouse to keep all parties on the right path and significantly enhance the legal function’s control environment.” Check out the full piece here.