In this piece from Corporate Counsel Business Journal, Liz Carter, Senior VP of dispute resolution provider JAMS, and Gina Miller, a VP overseeing JAMS’s resolution centers in 11 states and Canada, talk about the state of mediation and arbitration and the roles they play in keeping JAMS on top of its game. “We interact with our clients to make sure we’re giving them what they want and sometimes what they may not yet even know they want,” Carter says. “We make sure we’re ahead of the game.” Miller emphasizes the importance of cohesiveness in the services JAMS delivers, including development of something called the “tech check.” “The teams have come together . . . to ensure that the clients have what they need to connect with us,” Miller says. “To reduce any kind of technical problems, we contact our clients before their actual hearing starts.” In the end, Carter and Miller say, the key is staying focused on clients’ specific needs and delivering outstanding service in what often are fraught circumstances. “One of our core values is to adapt quickly to the customer’s demands and the customer’s needs,” Miller says. “That’s how I would define good client service: understanding that a client’s needs may change and making sure to change along with them.” Adds Carter: “Mediation sessions or arbitrations are clients’ only opportunities to have their stories heard, whether it’s a business dispute, a personal injury problem, a family law issue or an employment matter.” Read more at CCBJ.