In this piece from Corporate Counsel Business Journal, Bruce White, a partner with Barnes & Thornburg who focuses on litigation, arbitration and mediation of environmental disputes and administrative permitting and enforcement proceedings, provides a “roadmap” highlighting why ESG matters, the benefits of incorporating ESG into business operations, and practical steps for getting started, including collecting and protecting relevant ESG data.

“In a world where ESG concerns are increasingly important to stakeholders, companies that prioritize ESG considerations are better positioned for long-term success and growth,” writes White. “Ultimately, effective implementation of ESG practices can enhance a company’s financial and non-financial performance, bolster resilience and increase stakeholder engagement and confidence – all of which are crucial for companies to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.” Read more from White about how stronger ESG practices can help your company mitigate risk, increase efficiency, control costs, improve supply chain management, enhance innovation, and attract investors and talent at CCBJ.