Atlas Cloud, a tech company, recently released an analysis showing lawyers who work from home,work more – much more.

“In the time spent not commuting to the office, legal workers are saving an average of 85 minutes per day,” writes Aishah Hussain, an editor with Legal Cheek. “They say they split this time between work and play by spending an average of 36 minutes extra on work per day and 49 minutes on leisure. The number crunchers say that given the average month comprises 21 working days, legal businesses gain on average almost an entire month’s worth of additional work per each employee that works from home between the first lockdown in March 2020, and March 2021.” There are, however, benefits embedded in those longer days. “The data shows legal employees gain the equivalent of 27 extra holidays in free time — almost doubling the year’s annual leave allowance.” For more, go to Legal Cheek.