The newly released survey report, “Legal Pricing & Project Management,” was 13 years in the making, according to David Cambria, former corporate ops leader at Archer Daniels Midland, who now hangs his hat on the other side of the fence at megafirm Baker McKenzie. From that vantage, Cambria says he increasingly saw law firms deploying the same disciplines and capabilities as legal ops professionals. “The numerous conversations, debates and roundtables started to shed some light on how both law firms and law departments could continue to evolve,” he writes, “but left me wanting a more precise analysis of these two parts of the ecosystem, and thus this survey was born.” The resulting survey report is a curious creature. It includes parallel data from the 2020 edition of the annual Law Department Operations Survey, which both raises and answers questions. Whether it achieves the more precise analysis Cambria longs for, you can be the judge by checking out the survey, produced with the Legal Value Network and in collaboration with Intapp, at Blickstein Group.