You’ve heard of the Summer of Love. Well, this year it’s the Summer of Lucre. Law firms, awash in deal work, are showering cash and benefits on associates, who suddenly can write their own tickets. This recently prompted a recruiter, Princeton Legal Search Group, to ask an obvious question: What impact is the war for talent having on in-house recruiting? Putting first things first, the folks at Princeton tell panicky GCs to take a deep breath. Past experience suggests that this, too, shall pass. More lawyers will make lateral moves to broaden their career paths, and the appeal of remote-work options may persuade some to jump ship at Big Law firms. “If you are a GC trying to understand the impact of the current salary war at Big Law firms, know that disruptions in the talent pool due to increased salaries will likely settle down,” the Princeton team writes. “To secure top talent and have a competitive advantage, you will need succession plans and career paths that provide opportunities to learn new practice areas, sharpen existing legal skills to maintain competitive advantages, build new competencies, and learn business acumen. Inclusive team building and work flexibility may be additional assets that retain in-house counsel.” Check out the Princeton piece here.