In this piece from the Law Society Gazette of England and Wales, Mike McGlinchey, head of client consulting at Pinsent Masons Vario, Glasgow, discusses legal tech in a very practical way – when is tech the answer, when not – noting that the growth of tech is sprouting new problems. “First, the number and variety of products on the market are simply overwhelming,” McGlinchey writes. “Second, it has led to a perception that technology is always the answer. Spoiler alert, it is not.” The obvious follow-on queries, therefore, how to identify when tech is needed and analyze what tech is appropriate. McGlinchey discusses roads maps as useful tools, but worries they may be a tad too linear. “Grouping initiatives by focus area, such as knowledge management, risk and compliance, better contracting and spend management, can help show your vision, the capabilities you have, the capabilities you need and the benefits to be gained,” he writes. Color coding can help quickly identify progress and maturity in each area.” Read more at the Law Society Gazette.