In “My Take,” a feature from ACC Docket, Adrian Goss, GC of Bauer Media, Australia’s largest magazine and digital publisher and former National President of ACC Australia, discusses in-house collaboration in the post-COVID environment. “There’s much to consider as we look at these issues’ impact on employee retention and changing work priorities,” Goss writes. “And while there are challenges, it seems that the disruption caused by COVID has created an opportunity to design better in-house workplace environments (both in the physical and non-physical sense) that are more aligned with the preferences of modern corporate counsel.” What are those preferences and how will they manifest in the in-house workplace. “In recent ACC Networks Forums chats,” Goss continues, “I’ve seen strong views expressed about the importance of a physical office, with reasons like confidentiality and the need to do focused work sited. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in offices from pokey to palatial, to open plan environments. Currently, I’m in an entirely open plan, hot-desking environment, working next to my colleagues, including the CEO. My observation is that an in-house team can make any of those arrangements work effectively, but there are certainly pros and cons.” Read more at ACC Docket from Goss, who points the way to practical resources to help in-house teams, including a Global Remote Work Chart and an on-demand program, The New Frontier of Cross-Border Remote Work.