In this piece from Corporate Counsel Business Journal, Herman Raspé, a partner at Patterson Bellknap and chair of the World Services Group Board of Directors, discusses a wide range of topics, including the “technologization” of the legal profession. One hurdle he sees is money. “When I look at how law firm budgets have evolved over time, budgets tend to be based on: What did we do in the past? How did we cover our expenses, fixed, variable, etc.? While technology was certainly increasingly a large line item, I think it will need to be a much more significant line item,” Raspé says. The second challenge I have observed—within my firm, within WSG and in my personal life – is the more we get used to technology, the less patience we have it. It has to work immediately. It has to work all the time.” There is, however, a path forward: “Embrace it! Technologization of the profession is a wonderful thing,” he continues. “Daunting at times, but wonderful. I have enjoyed looking and experiencing and experimenting with new, technology-enhanced ways of building relationships with clients, building relationships within the WSG network, with other lawyers, and with other firms. Legal communication does not need to be as formal as it used to be. I enjoy it. I say embrace it.” For more from Herman Raspé, go to CCBJ.