In this piece from Corporate Counsel Business Journal, Dan Haley, general counsel and corporate secretary with Guild, which helps organizations bolster their talent pipelines by making education and career mobility accessible, discusses his career trajectory from legal and compliance to all people functions, including HR, learning and development.

“As I said before, every executive’s core responsibility is to build a great team,” Haley says. “In order to do that, you really need to be consciously focused on your team at all times—on their individual and collective ambitions, as well as the culture that exists between and among team members.” Haley’s passion is building organizations of mutually supportive people, and Guild’s mission aligns perfectly with that. “I personally believe, even in the legal context, where often you think of a lawyer as serious, hard-nosed, maybe even cynical, that it is a superpower for a lawyer to be open, optimistic, cheerful,” he says. “I try to impress that on my teams. It’s been a characteristic of the teams I’ve developed, now at two companies, and what I’m hoping to contribute to now at Guild.” Read more from Haley at CCBJ.