David Moreno discusses his experiences thus far with Blank Rome, including what led him to join the firm, as well as how cultivating relationships will bear “abundant fruit”.
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Zoee Bradley, a pharma GC and compliance officer, provides some good advice for building your GC presence. Among her strategies are some old chestnuts, such as being your authentic self and investing in your development. But a few others are less shopworn and potentially impactful, including a smart take on the GC as “safe refuge.” “Confidentiality and privilege are the cornerstones of any lawyer’s practice, but an impactful GC does more than maintaining confidentiality and privilege,” she writes. “They act as a safe refuge for all within the company, especially their leadership team.” At the same time, it takes care and work to establish such a safe space. “By setting clear boundaries and expectations, and strictly maintaining confidence, you will position yourself as a trusted GC,” she writes. “They will know not only to call on you when the crisis happens, but when they see a crisis form.” Check out the latest edition of ACC Docket here.
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Connie Collingsworth is chief business operations officer with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Her remarks have been edited for length and style.

CCBJ: What led you to pursue a career in law?

Connie Collingsworth: I was somewhat strong-willed, always standing up for what was right, and I wanted to be an independent professional.
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