KPMG continued to position itself as a go-to resource for corporate law departments with an alliance aimed at a major challenge in-house counsel face: managing contract portfolios. KPMG’s partnership with Seattle-based CLM company SirionLabs harnesses AI-driven extraction to more quickly transform unstructured contract data into meaningful information.

KPMG said the SirionLabs alliance will help clients deliver a more cohesive enterprise by enabling visibility, alignment and collaboration across major functions including legal, procurement, commercial, sales, delivery, and finance. “We see contract management as a strategic enterprise capability that delivers commercial value,” said Nicola Brooks, Head of Contract Management Transformation for KPMG Law. “All too often we find that contracting is siloed and an administrative burden on sales, procurement and legal. We challenge leaders to think about contracting in a new way.” According to Artificial Lawyer, law firms that offer legal ops/tech consulting will have to up their games to compete with the Big Four, who clearly have decided this is a space they want to own. Learn more about the KPMG-SirionLabs deal at Artificial Lawyer.