In a previous career as a practicing lawyer, I once spent 20 hours looking for a very specific precedent. After days of looking for a needle in a haystack I wasn’t sure existed, I actually found it and put it in my brief. A couple of months later, the judge kicked the case out of court and specifically stated it was because of the case I found. My boss was thrilled.

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Rick Ralston, CEO of Contract Logix, observes the digital transformation that companies have been experiencing, as well as how the lack of support from in-house legal departments on these digital transformation strategies is affecting CLOs and GCs.
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In a piece from ACC Docket, Roel Staes, Senior VP and General Counsel of FedEx Express, does a nifty job of laying out his 8 golden rules for effective communication by telling a story about how he broke the first rule: “Do not speak unless you have something to say.” He was a newly minted senior executive — “proud to be around the big kids without adult supervision,” as he puts it — when the most senior executive at a meeting dropped a bomb in his lap.
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In a piece from Joe Patrice, senior editor with Above the Law, outside counsel guidelines are forcing law firms to waste oodles of time on “meaningless make work.” Citing Aderant’s recently released “Law Firm Leader Survey on Outside Counsel Guidelines,” Patrice says that while the whole report is worth checking out, the outside counsel guideline issue can be summed in a short list of challenges respondents said they face in managing OCGs:
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Brendan Miller, legal operations advisor for practice innovation, and Troy Zander and Jordan Carr, partners with Barnes & Thornburg, discuss the typical process of drafting transactional documents and how new software tools can provide more predictability, greater efficiency, and other benefits – for clients and lawyers alike.
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