Keith Vallely, vice president and senior consultant with Epona, shares insights on how Epona has influenced and impacted the corporate legal space and what sets them apart from competitors in the document management space.
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Matt DenOuden, Vice President of Global Sales at Onit, explains why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming so interesting for lawyers and legal operations, as well as how AI allows attorneys to focus on higher-value work and better serve their businesses.
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What does it take to lead through the wake of a pandemic and manage a corporate legal department on the threshold of tremendous societal, technological, governmental and organizational upheaval? It’s a question many chief legal officers (CLOs) and general counsel have been asking themselves and their peers throughout 2021. For some, the answer has been present all along in the choices they’ve made and in the resiliency they’ve maintained amid a never-ending stream of challenges.
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