In a piece from The Lawyer, Katy Dowell pulled together an interesting analysis of the Big Four’s focus on law. While we have not seen seismic shifts arising from the granting of ABS licenses to three of the Big Four in 2014 (Deloitte came later in 2018), we are seeing a steady and burgeoning growth in market share. And this land grab seems to be far enough below the radar that its victims, big law firms, have not recognized or reacted to the threat.
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In this piece from Princeton Legal Search Group, the focus shifts from the eye-popping salaries we read about every day – Milbank raises first-year associates to $200K and eighth-year associates to $355K and Davis Polk ups the ante to $205K/$365K – to why. According to the folks at Princeton, the question is whether top compensation is enough. Is money enough to buy associate happiness and loyalty? Not necessarily, they conclude.
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“Last week, SEC Chair Gary Gensler gave a speech at a celebration for National Whistleblower Day, which commemorates the first U.S. whistleblower law that was passed unanimously on July 30, 1778,” writes David Lynn at, who explains that the law passed after 10 whistleblowers reported wrongdoing by a superior officer in the Continental Navy.
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Joseph Polizzotto, senior vice president, strategy & client services, and Danielle Noonan, associate vice president, legal solutions, with QuisLex, explore how developing deeper, more mature relationships with ALSPs allow in-house legal teams to build a “centralized hub of standard controls, processes and institutional knowledge that provide a beacon of consistency and stability over long periods of time and across all departments of an organization.”
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